A Graphic Break

I’m taking a bit of a break from reading military history stuff. I think I overdid it after getting a bunch of back issues of Military History magazine for a $1 each at American Eagles and a new pile of Osprey books at the same time. I’m finding that graphic novels are a welcome change of pace. They make really good bus reading for one thing. When I’m too tired to engage in a book about the French and Indian War, for example, it’s easy to get into a graphic novel. Lately I’ve been working my way through Preacher. I had started reading it a long time ago, but never finished the series. It’s no news to anyone that is great stuff and I’m looking forward to the HBO show. I also started reading Fables, which is a hoot. Goldilocks are a violent revolutionary is genius. I had been picking these up one or two at a time. Since I can easily read one of these a day on my commute, I finally bit the bullet and just ordered a bunch online. When I get home from work I should have three more Preacher volumes, more Fables, and Top Ten: The Forty-Niners. I’ve loved the Top Ten stuff to do, so I’m particularly looking forward to that one. Alan Moore does post-WW2 supers? Sign me up.

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