Summer Conventions

I did not go to Origins this year, as it was cheaper and more convenient to let the GR East coast staff handle it. Will I be at other upcoming conventions? Find out!

San Diego ComicCon: Looks like a no go this year, unless FLS decides they need a last minute replacement.

Recombination: This is a scifi, fantasy, and gaming con in Cambridge, England and I’ll be one of the guests of honor. I’ve been to England many times but I’ve never been to Cambridge. I wish I could spend more time on this trip but with FLS in overdrive and GenCon the following week I cannot dally sad to say.

GenCon: I’ve been to every one since 1989 so I’m not going to start missing them now. Green Ronin will have a lot of new stuff at the show too.

Penny Arcade Expo: I won’t be in a booth but I’ll be there doing some seminars.

Austin Game Developers Conference: I hope to make it to this, but I’m waiting to get confirmation from the higher ups at Flying Lab. Trips at FLS are often last minute affairs. Jess once had to get on a plane with two hours notice. Hopefully, I will know sooner rather than later.

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