Lots o’ Gaming

The stars have been right the last week and I’ve gotten in an unusual amount of gaming. Woot.

Spirit of the Century: Gaming fun started on Labor Day with a Spirit of the Century game. It was a bridge session as we left behind the first big adventure and transitioned into the next one, so not a whole lot to report. I still haven’t picked a tenth aspect for my character. After I said, “I knew I should have killed him when I had the chance,” the other players suggested that’d be a good one. I am considering it.

BattleLore: Thursday night Rick and I played BatteLore with the new Hundred Years War expansion. It’s got some nice new rules, troop types, and scenarios. We played the battle of Crecy and I was sure history was going to repeat itself when Rick drew Darken the Sky on turn 1 and bombarded my army with his longbowmen. It actually turned into a nailbiter though and with one lucky die roll I could have snatched victory from his grasp on the last turn. Much to Rick’s relief I did not pull off one of my patented last minute wins though and the British took the field.

Runebound: Saturday Rick and I went over to Jon’s new place and played Runebound with him, Seth, and Jason. I get together with this group irregularly for boardgames and after the end of the con season we finally had another chance to play. Runebound is like a more modern version of Talisman that learns some important lessons from its forbearer. We enjoyed it but also felt the game had a few issues. There’s a lot of downtime between your turns and the endgame takes too long. I do have some of the expansions and I wonder if those smooth out some of the rough edges.

Ticket to Ride: Yesterday I played Ticket to Ride Marklin at lunch at FLS. I had gotten the game for Jess for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and he was keen to try it. We drafted Cory and Raymond and taught them how to play. This was the first time I had tried the Marklin version and it had some additions I quite liked. The passengers made it more worthwhile to do shorter connections and gave a nice way to score some extra points. I also liked that you had two decks of tickets to choose from.

Tomorrow night it’s back to Rick’s, though I’m not sure what we’re going to play. Maybe more BattleLore. Maybe the Lord of the Rings minis game. Maybe something else. Damn, it’s good to be a gamer.

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