Revenge on the Sith

It was back to Flying Lab today, but I can handle a work week that starts on Thursday. I was a little slow getting back into the swing of things, but I was not alone in that. Many folks are still out of the office and we’ve reached that point where there’s little more we can do to the game before launch. At this point we have to just cross our fingers and count down to release.

Christmas day was a mellow affair and that was fine by me. We joined Ray and Christine at their place, crashing there so as not to have to deal with the snow. Nik and Christine teamed up for a great dinner featuring an herb-crusted beef tenderloin that was like buttuh. During the many hours of prep and cooking, we watched Revenge of the Sith with Riff Trax accompaniment. If you aren’t familiar, Riff Trax is basically a bunch of guys from MST3K doing their patented mockery. You download an mp3, synch with the bad movie of your choice, and voila. Revenge of the Sith was an excellent choice because it is so godawful. Nik had never seen it and I told her that this was the best way to experience the ultimate betrayal of our childhood dreams. Without the mockery, she never would have sat through the whole thing. I had only seen Revenge once before, when I was stuck in a hotel in Ft. Wayne with nothing else to do. I didn’t like it then but forgot how truly terrible it was. The Riff Trax delivered though and we laughed plenty. They also have one for the Star Wars Holiday Special, but I’m the only one who seems up for that. Cowards!

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