On My Sinister Motive

Several threads about my Friday post about 4E and new gamers erupted on various message boards this week. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had actually written an anti-4E diatribe but hey, that’s the internet for you. Many people wondered why I give a shit if D&D; is new player friendly. Some people posited that I must have an ulterior motive, like trying to sell more M&M; and True20 books or some such. Well, it’s true, I do have a sinister motive and here it is:

I want D&D; to attract a lot of new players so there will be more gamers to sell RPGs to.

D&D; has always been the biggest gateway into roleplaying, so of course I don’t want 4E to fail. I’d rather see my boat lifted by its rising tide. To really take the RPG audience to that next level though, there has to be a lot of new blood. That’s why the 4E acquisition strategy concerns me.

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