Nothing But Bruges

I haven’t had much to blog about lately. Or rather, I can’t talk about the things I’d really like to blog about and the other recent developments (like, say, going to the dentist) aren’t worth going into. I suppose I could talk about the GSL but I seem to change my mind every other day. That’s why I’m going to let my thoughts gel before I say anything more.

I did finally see In Bruges and it is a fine movie indeed. Since it tells the story of two buddy hitmen, many reviewers have called it Tarantino-esque. That is lazy criticism in my opinion. Other than some basic elements, In Bruges has little to do with Tarantino’s work and that’s good. It tells its own story and tells it well. Brendan Gleeson is terrific as the older, more world-weary assassin. In Bruges is well worth checking out if you haven’t.

1 thought on “Nothing But Bruges

  1. In Bruges is one of the few movies that Tam and I have had a chance to see in the past year, and it was really a good choice. I could see the Tarantino in it, but frankly I think it owes about as much to the Coen brothers.

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