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I watched the trailer for the Watchmen movie last week and realized something: I haven’t read the Watchmen since 1990. This is funny because I’ve been telling people that Watchmen and V for Vendetta are genius since college but now I must admit my memory of the former’s plot is hazy. So instead of picking up some new graphic novels this week I threw the Watchmen in my bag and have been reading that instead. What do you know? Still genius.

I also read the first three volumes of Artesia recently and these too are great. Mark Smylie has created a deep fantasy world with real mythic resonance. He doesn’t make it easy on you; Artesia has a dense setting and a large cast. Sticking with it is well worth it though. It’s even more impressive when you consider he does all the art and writing himself. It’s really quite impressive.

Lastly, I finally checked out DMZ, a Vertigo title by Brian Wood. This posits a civil war in America, in which home grown insurgents rise up against the government while the military is deployed overseas. New York City becomes a no man’s land caught between government forces and the rebels. The remaining citizens of NYC are left to survive on their own. I’ve read the first four volumes and I really like it. Wood has created a compelling story that allows him to examine many issues of the “War on Terror” without being pedantic. Volume 4: Friendly Fire was the best story yet.

I do wish I was in San Diego right now for Comic Con but with Ropecon and Gen Con back to back in August, there was no way it was happening. Perhaps next year.

2 thoughts on “In Honor of Comic Con: Comics

  1. DMZ is great! I want to run a game in a setting that’s like a combination of DMZ and Ken MacLeod’s more political vision. Kind of a 21st century Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War.

    Artesia I’ve never heard of but might check out as a result of this!

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