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Just haven’t found time to blog lately. Things I’ve wanted to talk about have either been too short, in which case I use Twitter, or too long, so I defer them until the mythical time when I can sit down and write a few essays. For now a smattering of stuff and things will have to do:

1) My NYC trip was quite fun. I caught up with old friends, played a lot of games, and had four days away from work and the internet. Manhattan has changed in a lot of ways, but walking around town still makes me smile. One excellent addition to the Lower East Side is authentic Japanese noodle shops. I had some outstanding ramen on Friday with my friend Chesley.

2) The Green Ronin summit is this weekend. This is an annual get-together that brings together all of our staff from various parts of the country. We talk about the previous year and plan for the coming one. Should be productive and enjoyable.

3) It’s been pretty amazing to watch John McCain so effectively destroy his own brand in just a couple of months. His reputation as an honorable politician and a maverick were mostly bullshit to begin with, the product of a media so in love with his image that they never dwelled on his record or challenged his claims. That he is now reduced to aping the tactics of Karl Rove, who destroyed McCain’s campaign in 2000, is a testimony to his desperation. I would almost feel bad for the guy if not for his tacit encouragement of the right’s lunatic fringe that may yet end in tragedy.

4) I picked up Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying core rulebook recently and have been enjoying it. It’s basically the distillation of 30 years of classic RPGs, from Runequest to Call of Cthulhu to Elric. It takes a toolkit approach, offering many options that let you customize the rules for the campaign you want to run. I wouldn’t hand this book to a newb, as it requires you to make a lot of choices when setting up a game, but it’s really nice for experienced gamers because it gives you a wealth of options in one source. I am now pondering a Basic Roleplaying Freeport Companion, but I’m not certain if there’s enough of an audience for such a book.

5) Green Ronin is doing another d20 Apocalypse Sale this month, blowing out titles before the WotC-mandated deadline makes selling d20 logo products a license violation for publishers. If you are still playing D&D; 3.X, there are many fine books to choose from for $2 to $5. You can find them at participating stores or get them online from Paizo:

20 thoughts on “Stuff and Things

  1. Chris, last post you said: “Tonight I’m having dinner with former Ronin Rob Schwalb, who is town for some meetings at WotC.” Former? Did Rob go to work full-time for Wotc?

    Any hints about what might be in the GR pipeline for next year? I’m not sure if the Song of Fire and Ice is my thing, so what other lines will continue to be supported?


  2. “Nicole calls NYC my mistress and it’s time for a booty call.”

    Tee hee. That’s good.

    It was a treat to hop on the call for a spell, MP. I’m glad you had fun noodling around the LES, I did, too.

    And thanks for the Real American post. Spot-on, and well written.

    See you and Nicole out left one day, hopefully sooner than later.

  3. BRP Freeport is a yes. Chaosium have so far only published the rule book in paper, and while many supplements are in the pipeline, none have been published yet and it might take some time. There is a really high demand for BRP supplements. I will buy! 🙂


  4. I'd buy a Freeport BRP book for two reasons – I'm a BRP obsessive and second I'm a huge Freeport fan (ok, don't have the True20 stuff, but have everything for D&D;/d20, including both the original trilogy and the five year anniversary version…).


    Nick Middleton

  5. BRP Freeport would be the win! BRP does fantasy city adventures very well and there is an audience of rabid fans waiting for BRP support material.

    I should know I’m one of them 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I’d like to associate with the previous comments. I’m a huge BRP fans and I have enjoyed playing in the original d20 Freeport adventures. I also enjoyed the top notch work Green Ronin did on WFRP2.

    BRP and Freeport are a perfect match.

    Conclusion: BRP Freeport would be a sure buy for me. Please do it!

    And yes there is a market. Maybe not a huge market but there are quite a few hardcore BRP fans out there eagerly waiting for supplements that Chaosium is slow to put out.
    Do it!


  7. Hi,

    I drop two lines again just to say that I would still buy a BRP Freeport companion.
    You might want to reconsider the idea of publishing it in view of the fact that Chaosium is finally giving basic support for basic roleplaying in the form of PDFs and POD supplements after it was vocally demanded by fans. And in a few weeks there will be the first proper book supplement published by a third party licensor.
    BRP has a significant group of fanatically devoted fans who will certainly love a BRP conversion of Freeport.

  8. I have Pirates Guide to Freeport and am planning to use BRP to run a game there. A BRP companion would be most useful. If you are not sure of how popular it would be you could do it as POD or a PDF. I would buy it and use it.

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