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About a month ago I talked about getting the new Basic Roleplaying core book from Chaosium and mused about doing a BRP Freeport Companion. It is an appealing idea, as Freeport is certainly influenced by Call of Cthulhu and doing a BRP companion would bring the setting closer to its roots in some sense. The question remains whether it makes business sense to do the book for Green Ronin?

Apparently, the BRP fan community discovered my blog post because all week I’ve had gamers posting comments on that entry telling me they’d love to see a BRP Freeport Companion. It’s not exactly market research but it’s nice to see some interest in the idea. Thanks for being pro-active, BRP fans! I can’t commit to anything but I am considering ways to make this happen.

6 thoughts on “BRP Freeport

  1. From a biz view, you might break even, maybe more if it was a rich Cthulhu Pirate setting that someone could build a campaign around. From fanboy perspective, bowsa wowsa yar!

    Ia! Ia! Avast Cthulhu!

  2. It would be wonderful indeed! And to add to Andrea’s comment, it would be wonderful for Freepoert fans as well.

    The obvious CoC link is there, and I must honestly say that the only thing preventing me from launching my FP campaign are the D20 rules which I feel are ill suited for such campaign.

    FP’s swashbuckling adventures require something more elegant and dynamic, surely, and I feel BRP is just the thing.

  3. Talk to Dustin Wright at Chaosium and see if Chaosium will do it as a joint venture. Note that IMHO their usual licence terms are far too arduous to make sense. Or, is it best as a fan product. Cults of Freeport is perfect for a classic RQ/BRP treatment.

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