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I want to get my 28mm Norman army painted and I know I’ll never find the time to do it. I’m also on a never ending quest to get stuff out of my house. The solution? You buy stuff I don’t need any more and I use the money to get my army painted. So there’s a big list of stuff below. If you are interested, drop me a line at pramas [at] greenronin [dot] com. I’ll figure out shipping and then you pay me via Paypal. Here we go:

Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, Limited Edition rulebook, $50
Mutants & Masterminds Annual #2, $40
Vampire: Damnation City (White Wolf), $20
Witch Hunter: The Invisible World (Paradigm Concepts), $20
Original Dark Sun boxed set for 2nd edition AD&D; (TSR), $35
Forgotten Realms: Empire of the Shining Sea boxed set for 2nd Edition AD&D; in the shrink, $40

Inquisitor miniatures game (GW), $20
Epic Armageddon miniatures game (GW), $25
The Hills Rise Wild minis game (Pagan Publishing), $25

Blitzkrieg General boardgame, unpunched (UGG), $20
Autumn Mist: The Battle of the Bulge boardgame, unpunched (Fiery Dragon), $15
Tide of Iron boardgame (FFG), $55 (shipping on this may be a bear because it’s huge; if you live in Seattle we could meet for a handoff)

Flames of War 2nd Edition hardback rulebook, $35
FOW D Minus 1 book, $15
FOW D-Day book, $15
FOW Bloody Omaha book, $15
FOW Afrika book, $15
3 FOW American M3 Lee Tanks, $21
1 FOW American Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel Boxed Set, $30

Flames of War American Airborne Lot, $95
* 1 Parachute Rifle Company Boxed Set
* 1 Parachute Rifle Platoon
* 1 Parachute Mortar Platoon
* 1 M1 57mm Gun blister (for Glider anti-tank platoon; 2 guns)

Catachan Imperial Guard Force for Warhammer 40K, $200
The following are metal minis:
* 8 guardsmen with satchel charges
* 8 special weapon and officer minis, including Sly and Straken
* 7 heavy flamers
* 4 autocannon teams
* 3 seated heavy bolter teams
* 2 standing heavy bolter teams with “Ox” from Schaeffer’s Last Chancers
*2 missile launcher teams

Then I have over 60 assembled plastic guardsmen. About half are primed and half have a few colors put on. They are a mix of regular troopers, special/heavy weapon troopers, and sergeants.

Bushido Miniatures (True 25mm), Ral Partha, $40
* 5 blisters of Samurai with Sword (30 minis total)
* 1 blister of Samurai with Naginata (6 minis)

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