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A few quick notes before I get back to packing.

1. The most exciting news is that the game I spent the last year plus working on, the Dragon Age RPG, is out in stores this week. It’s a classic style boxed set and it looks like it’s going to do really well for us. Look for it in a game store near you.

I must also tip my hat to our partners at BioWare, whose Dragon Age: Origins computer game has sold over 3.2 million copies to date. There’s a company that knows how to launch a property and make a great game.

2. I will be at Dundracon in San Ramon, CA this weekend. We won’t have a booth (Endgame, one of my favorite game stores in the world, will be selling our stuff there), but I’ll be around doing some seminars and playing games. I believe I’ll be on the panel at the following seminars: Alternate Histories for Gaming, What’s Cool, and Where Is the Hobby Going. I may also be on one in which old timers reminisce about coloring our dice with crayons and the like, but I’m not sure if I’m old enough to qualify at 40. Maybe Ken St. Andre will call me a whippersnapper.

3. I had thought I might head home to the Boston area for PAX East. After I left Flying Lab, I had to reconsider in light of new financial realities. Now it turns out that Wil Wheaton is doing the keynote, so I wish I had kept to my original plan. I still hope Wil has a wicked pissah time.

4. The forecast says chilly with a high chance of feijoada, churrasco, caipirinha.

5. Winter is almost over. And yet, it’s still coming.

6. A note for readers of chrispramas.com. I was recently informed by Blogger that they are disabling the ftp option for blog updates, which is what I use. It is unclear if I can continue using Blogger with this URL, and I’m not keen on having one of theirs. I mirror this blog on Livejournal and Facebook though. If this site seems moribund to you, look over at http://freeport-pirate.livejournal.com or find me on Facebook. If that’s not enough, I’m also on Twitter as @Pramas.

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  1. Hi Chris.

    How exactly do I get a hold of your company. I ordered a product in December that I never get but paid for. I've sent emails, used the contact form on the web-site, and have even posted a message on the forums, but have not received a single reply.

    Can you help me out?

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