Top Five Reasons I Won’t Support Your Kickstarter

5. Your promises are vague and so is the delivery date of the project.
4. You spend 30 days on all social media talking about nothing but your Kickstarter. I didn’t back it the first 500 times I heard about it, but number 501 is sure to do the trick!
3. The leader of your team is an ethically-challenged piece of work who has already publicly disgraced himself.
2. Your “funny” game is about rape.
1. You are a millionaire and you Kickstart something you could easily afford. Asking people poorer than you to fund your project is so 1%.

3 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons I Won’t Support Your Kickstarter

  1. Number 3 sounds suspiciously like someone… hmmm, I wonder who that reminds me of.

    Oh, Steve Jobs! No, not him. Some reason that name keeps coming to mind.

  2. #5 and #4 are rampant. I think we will find that several very public, very large projects will be exceedingly late, or fail altogether, possibly crippling kickstarter forever.

    I haven’t seen #3 occur, but I might just be misinformed.

    Number 2 is simply pathetic. Unfortunately, I have seen a project like this.

    Number 1 I’m impartial to, as long as the people who “pre-order” get what they paid for. Of course, its a gamble.

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