My Wife Is Smart

We had friends over tonight for BBQ and bullshitting. There was supposed to be some gaming involved, but Tim left his character sheet at home, Evan couldn’t make it, and Jess was dead on his feet. Just hanging out and talking seemed fine by everyone, and we got to hear all about E3 from Bruce and Jess.

After they all left, Nik says, “I’m not even going to bother checking my e-mail. I’m just going upstairs.” I, foolishly, decide to just sneak a peak at my e-mail. Only two new messages; should be no problem. Well, except one of them is such bullshit that my blood pressure just went through the roof and my urge to kill is rising and rising. I should have followed Nik’s lead. She is smart, and because of that she is now ensconced in our warm bed doing crossword puzzles. I am tapping away in the vain hope that rage will exit me via the keyboard. Nope, not working.

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