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My game group has been having a hell of a time meeting with any regularity the last few months. Apart from the three Ronins we’ve got two Microsofties and two guys who work on MMOs for different computer game companies. When events like E3 happen, forget about it. Same for the Ronins during convention season. As a result our James Bond 007 has been going in fits and starts. Several weeks we’ve gotten just about everyone together but the missing guy was the Game Master. Whoops. On those weeks, we’ve played games like Family Business instead and while that’s fun the group generally favors roleplaying.

Monday I decided that what we needed was a back up game. When James Bond goes off, great. When it doesn’t, we play the back up game. I made the decision with the full knowledge that of course I’d have to run the back up game. Since I’ve managed to have a break from being the GM since my WFRP campaign wrapped up, that’s OK.

I ultimately decided to run a Freeport game for three reasons. First, it’s been several years since I’ve run one and it’d be nice to return to Freeport. Second, it’ll allow us to playtest some upcoming GR material. Third, I have a text copy of Shadows in Freeport, an adventure Goodman Games is publishing later this summer that was written by Rob Schwalb, my d20 developer. The last point is important because it means I can run the game without much prep, which is often a must when trying to keep up a casual game night with a busy schedule.

The group started making up characters on Monday. The party is shaping up to be…interesting. Right off the bat we’ve got a Cavalier and an Assassin. How could that not be entertaining?

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