BI, DC, and GR–Oh My!

Yes, it’s true, Black Industries has gotten an RPG license from DC comics.;=threadℴ=0

Many folks are asking me what that means, considering that we are BI’s design house for GW’s properties. Well, it means one of three things:

1) GR will design a new DC game for BI.

2) GR will do a DC variant of Mutants & Masterminds for BI.

3) BI will design its own DC game or hire another design house to do so.

Right now all BI has said is that they have the license. It isn’t GR’s or my place to say anything else until they are ready. All I can do is sit back and watch the wild ass speculation, which admittedly is pretty amusing. And no, I won’t tell you the answer if you e-mail me privately, even if you ask really nicely. It’s not that man wasn’t meant to know, just that man can’t know right now.

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