“We’re Off to Outer Space!”

My boss at Flying Lab is a big nerd, and I mean that in the best way. The last couple of days he’s been bringing in “spare” action figures and giving them away to the staff. The office is now Zerg-infested, as for whatever reason Rusty had an abundance of Starcraft figures. I generally prefer my toys to be smaller and made of metal, so I’ve been leaving this largess to my co-workers. Knowing that Rusty was a huge Starblazers fan though, I stopped in his office to tell him about these collectible spaceships from the series I had seen at American Eagles last week. I told him I had a couple at my desk if he wanted to take a look, noting that I of course hadn’t gotten a Yamato (because collectibility sucks). He said, “You know I’ve got a Yamato right there.” And indeed behind the Starcraft stuff there was a lovely painted Space Battleship Yamato. Oh, Starblazers, how many hours did I spend watching you after school as a teenager? Naturally, I could not pass this up, so now there’s a 16″ model of the Yamato in front of my monitors at work. “Wildstar, prepare the wave motion gun!”