The last couple of weeks have been hectic. First we had the GR summit. The day after that ended my parents came to town for a week long visit. Meanwhile Pirates of the Burning Sea is in its final sprint, so we are in crunch time. I haven’t had time finish things like proofing, I’ve been terrible about answering e-mails, and I’ve made no progress on any design projects this month. However, the summit is over, my folks are flying back to New England tonight, and though I do have to work at Flying Lab this weekend things should calm down next week. I think this means that next weekend I can relax a bit and try to get caught up on things. What I’d really love to have is a week long, honest to goodness vacation. One in which I don’t do GR work or read the internet. One without bullshit, drama, flamewars, deadlines, freakouts, and crises. I don’t think Nik and I will be traveling over the holiday season, so maybe that’ll provide an opportunity.

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