Operation Bunnyhug

When we were adopting Bonnie (the bunny), there was this guy at the Seattle Animal Shelter who helped us with the procedure. He was excited that Bonnie was going to get a home and was really keen on rabbits. How keen? Well, when he gave us his e-mail address we discovered it was Bunnyhugger77. At the time I said, “I don’t know what’s worse, that he’s Bunnyhugger77 or that Bunnyhugger1 to 76 were already taken.”

So today I’m reading Rick Atkinson’s new book, The Day of Battle (Volume 2 of his Liberation Trilogy about America in WWII), and one of the many engaging anecdotes Atkinson livens up the book with involves Winston Churchill and codenames. Apparently, Churchill would approve the codenames of operations to make sure they were butch enough for the military. On the list of banned names were jaundice, aperitif, and…bunnyhug. Yes, apparently without Churchill’s intervention there might have been an Operation Bunnyhug in WWII. I can’t really blame old Winston. I’m sure it’d be difficult to get your men ready to kick ass in Operation Bunnyhug.

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