A Sense of Accomplishment

I had to work at Flying Lab both Saturday and Sunday, so I didn’t have much of a weekend. I don’t mind though because today I wrote my last mission for the Pirates of the Burning Sea launch. Today the game is content complete. Each of the four nations has over thousand missions and I wrote at least a third of those. The format doesn’t lend itself to doing easy word counts, but I’d guess I’ve written at least 200,000 words in the past year. I had a real sense of accomplishment when I submited my final file. I’ve done work on RPGs, TCGs, minis games, and card games, but this is my first computer game. I’m happy that it’s a good one too.

Appropriately enough the pre-order box for Pirates of the Burning Sea should be in stores Tuesday. If you buy it, you get a couple of cool loot items (including a parrot) and you can start playing the game on January 7 instead of January 22 like the rest of the world. My team will be continuing to design new content over the coming months, but that’ll be for later updates. The content for the game’s debut is signed, sealed, and delivered. Now where’s that booty?

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