Maybe it was the jalapenos on my pizza last night, but I had some strange and vivid dreams. In the wackiest one I was hanging out with some people when two of us split off from the group to go check out a nearby prison. We were standing amongst some wrecked trucks looking at the walls and towers of the prison, when we noticed a group of men approaching from the facility. They did not look like guards, but were heavily armed. As they got closer, my companion said, “Nice guns.” One of them pulled a .45 and put two into my friend’s chest.

I said, “Shit!” and started to run. Bullets were kicking up around me as I dodged amongst the wrecks and tried to make my way over an embankment to get better cover. I thought they must be part of a breakout and they didn’t want any witnesses. Now here’s where things get wacky. One of the guys pursuing me was armed with medieval weapons. Before each attack, he’d announce the weapon he was using, as if he was an anime character. So he shouts, “Saxon bow!”. When the arrow misses, he yells, “Ninja star!” I continue to run. I get to a fence and there I find a halberd. It has obviously been outside for some time. Rain has discolored the wood of the haft and caused the head to rust. But, whatever, it’s a weapon. So I pick it up and turn on my pursuer. He runs at me shouting, “Katana!” I knock him to the ground with the halberd. Then, as I’m beating him down with my pole arm, he smiles up at me and says, “Halberd–I love that weapon!” And then I woke up.

The hell.

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